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    Shandong long ze machinery co., LTD Is the collection of scientific research、Production、Sales and service in a body's enterprise。Located in the famous township of zhucheng dinosaur,The company over the years dedicated to research the development trend of the food industry,The traditional manual mill processing change for automation、Standardized production。Through automation design and manufacture for the enterprise to save manpower,Improve the production rate,Reduce the production cost。Service clients cover the baking fillings making industry、Meat cooked food processing industry、The condiment industry、The candy industry、Vegetable corn processing industry、Hotel supplies, snack food processing industry, etc,To provide The popcorn machine 、 Frying pan series 、 Stirring pot series 、 Electromagnetic frying pan 、 Sandwich pot series 、 Cooking pot series 、 Zongzi boiler equipment 、 Natto production equipment 、 Sugar natto production equipment And so on 。My company has machinery manufacturing、Food technology、Engineering installation and other kinds of talent,To build a comprehensive service team,Strive to contribute to perfect service。 Company tenet :To create outstanding products Business philosophy :People-oriented,Honest and trustworthy Operating characteristics :The traditional process of industrial automation design and manufacture...


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    • Black pepper sauce beef stir fry pan Bean

      Black pepper sauce beef stir fry pan Douban chilli sauce, stir-fry sauce machine planets Long jersey Fried machine heating system: Using the steam(Heating jacket(The steam))、The fuel gas、Electric heating heat conduction oil、Electromagnetic heating heating in the form...

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