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Wuyang iron and steel
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Steel information
  Steel plate processing enterprises how to choose the appropriate steel plate cutting machine?
  Steel plate cutting get better cutting quality and efficiency of process improvement
  This simple definition of some boiling steel sheet and calm
  In the field of flame cutting in thick plate cutting advantage is more obvious
  Large-format laser plate cutting machine is emerging in the development of industry products
  Stainless steel rod cutting operation difficulty
The futures of resources
1   Product catalog(The new)
1   The futures of resources
1   The futures of resources
1   The futures of resources
1   The futures of resources
1   The futures of resources
Company profile
    Wuxi longsheng sheet metal co., LTD. Is a wuyang iron and steel company, a cutting blanking center in the east China area,The existing straight for the customer20Several。Perennial inventory WuGang lenient plate5Thousands of tons。My company is WuGang steel company a forging ingot sales agents in the east China area。Welcome new and old customers letter E-mail consulting and business negotiations!
Physical resources
1   The role of the pressure reducer and used steel plate cutting
1   Container plate
1   Plain carbon steel
1   Low alloy
Wuxi longsheng sheet metal co., LTD., specializing in the productionWuGang steel plateSteel plate cutting zeroSteel plate CNC cutting,Wuyang iron and steel company is cutting blanking center in the east China area。
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