Lanzhou wafer materials co., LTDThe company was established in2011Years5Month,Through the city is located in the Yellow River in the city————Lanzhou city。Is a professional management specialty chemicals raw materials suppliers。The company's main distribution of chemical raw materials:Base class chemical products:Soda ash、Piece of alkali、Alcali sulphide、Solid alkali, etc;Acids chemical products:Phosphoric acid、Formic acid、Acetic acid, etc,Benzene class chemical products:Toluene、Xylene、Styrene、Polystyrene, etc;Sewage treatment products:Polyaluminium chloride(PAC)、Trisodium phosphate、Polyacrylamide(PAM)、Defoaming agent, etc;And organic chemical products、Inorganic chemical products, etc。Product structure is reasonable,Species diversity,The reagent、Rubber、Plastics、Polishing、Dye、Adhesive、Fine chemical industry、Leather chemical and other industries widely used。Company capital strength,Strong technical force,Sophisticated production equipment,Detection means complete,Strict quality management,Issued by the ministry of chemical industry products meet the national standards,Set up a good reputation in the peer,And to get customer's approval。

  We have a dynamic team,With professional technical services,Dedicated to provide customers with satisfactory service to pursue,According to the actual demand is reasonable use of related products,Use a large quantity of stable supply and marketing channels and warehousing logistics warehouse,Equipped with professional transport team,To provide prompt service to our customers,Over the years by perfect sales network and after-sales service system,In lanzhou city, gansu province、Xining in qinghai、Lhasa, Tibet、Xinjiang、Ningxia and other places of chemical industry occupies a big market share。Our company will continue to adhere to the road cycle development,Speed up product upgrading,Adjust the industrial structure,Adhering to the“Dare to responsible、Innovation”The spirit of the concept,Scientific management,Continuously exceed,To make good chemical enterprises。

  Adhering to the lanzhou wafer materials co., LTD“The customer is supreme,Forge ahead”The management idea,Stick to it“The customer is supreme”The principle of provide for the general customers the service。Welcome to patronize!

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Gansu province lanzhou city qilihe district willow camp1Number91Building-19Number



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  Lanzhou wafer materials co., LTD

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  Address:Gansu province lanzhou city qilihe district willow camp1Number91Building-19Number

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