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Guangdong province shenzhen longgang district baolong industrial zone
Bonhams five deep zhaoye industrial park roadBBuilding on the third floor
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  Shenzhen xing machinery co., LTD., established in fine day2002Years,It is a passedISO9001:2008Automation equipment production enterprise of quality management system certification。
  Over the years,Company has been committed to the development and production of automatic send lock screw equipment,Its quality has been ahead of peers,The market share among the best;At the same time,Fine day on its own research and development strength,Can also according to the requirements of customers products,Design for the general customers the production of various can save artificial non-standard automated assembly equipment,Production line to the customer on the simple repetition of labour-intensive process modification,Minimize dependence on people,At the same time to improve production efficiency,Greatly save labor costs,Customer's products more competitive。
  Fine day xing has experienced r&d team,The design and manufacture of the product,TheISO9001Quality management system as guidance program,To provide customers with stable and reliable industrial automation equipment。Pioneering spirit,Continuous innovation,Clients,Mutual benefit,The pursuit of excellence is our core values;Maximize the save labor costs for customers is our goal。

  Look around the world,Looking to the future,Companies up and down together,Make self-improvement,To the world first-class enterprise automation,Is willing to contribute to the progress of China's automation equipment industry。
The enterprise culture
The company mission:Create wealth for customers,
                    Create benefits for the company,
                    Create value for our employees。
The quality policy:The customer is supreme,Casting products,Continuous improvement,Inheritance Nikko
The company vision:To become the domestic first-class automation equipment company
Product display
  • Double platform automatically lock screw machine
    Brief introduction:DoubleYShaft vacuum absorbing type automatic locking screw machine using four axis controller,Easy to operate,Stable performance,Say goodbye to apply to mobile phones、POSMachine、Intercom、The tablet、Hardware component assembly、Electronic products and other small home appliance such as circuit board assemblyIn more detail>>
  • Six axis automatically lock screw machine
    Brief introduction:Six axis cartesian coordinates lock screw machine adopts CNC operating system,From various servo or stepper motor driving shaft movement,Applies to product high location accuracy requirements for automatic lock screw,Such as mobile phone、The tablet、A laptop、AwayIn more detail>>
  • Multi-head automatic locking screw machine
    Brief introduction:This automatic lock screw system is set mechanical transmission,The principle of electromagnetic vibration,Combined with pneumatic and computer control,Liquid crystal display (LCD), machine,The electricity,Integrated automation equipment,To achieve a variety of plastic,Hardware,Electronic products, such as automatic or semi-automatic screwIn more detail>>
  • Automatic soldering robot
    Brief introduction:Using Japanese technology and Japanese soldering robot controller,Perfect for the electronics industry,Reliable welding technology。Key components are imported from Japan,Robot is stable and reliable quality。In more detail>>
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