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       [ 2017-9-16 ]
From now on into the test,You more ideas。。。。。。The original"Double metallurgical equipment spare parts manufacturing company"Because of company restructuring,Now instead"Deyang rieter metallurgical equipment co., LTD"Notice is hereby given that the.

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  The company belongs to the subsidiaries of deyang rieter electromechanical co., LTD,Is one who has a machine、In welding production capacity of the entity enterprise,AISO9001-2000Certification and a、The second class pressure vessel production licenses。Company's existing fixed assets of thirty million yuan,Annual sales revenue of eighty million yuan。The main equipment:CR61125AHeavy duty lathe、C5225、C5235Vertical lathe;XA2125CNC gantry milling and boring machine;ATP180CNC boring and milling machine、T6216Landing boring machine、TA6916ACNC boring and milling machine,TX6111BDigital display boring and milling machine;All kinds of form a complete set of car、Boring、Milling、Plane、Grinding、Drill、Plug and other machining equipment and plate shears、Plate bending rolls、All kinds of welding equipment、NDT、Ray detection equipment。

  Company main products:Big、In the、Small mill、Continuous casting equipment、The pressure vessel。The company has producedΦ400、Φ650The rolling mill,1450Continuous transformation,1350Continuous casting crystallizer、The crystallizer vibration device,100Tons of steel mill,800Rolling mill coiler,850Rolling mill coiler,2.5Ten thousand tons of ammonia series of complete sets of equipment such as pressure vessels,And at pangang、Cultivation、Liuzhou iron &steel group co.are presented.the、East steam、East pot and other units to establish a long-term relations of cooperation……

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1150Drum type flying shear
850Drum type flying shear
850Drum type flying shear...
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