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2016Breaks in a calendar

   DistanceQingming FestivaThere is:DaysAt the right timePointsSeconds 2016In statutory holidays holiday arrangementsStatutory holiday arrangementsMarriage leave regulations of the state2016Marriage rules2016The holiday breaks in a calendar2016The holiday breaks in a calendar
   2016Years4Month4Day Monda Qingming Festiva2016Arrange schedule in holidayThe tomb-sweeping day holiday_Ching Ming festival holiday arrangement2016Tomb-sweeping day holiday_The tomb-sweeping day holiday arrangements2016Is the date the tomb-sweeping day What day is the qingming festival2016Tomb-sweeping day off for a few days?2016Tomb-sweeping day off for a few days?2016Qingming Festiva
  2016The national legal holiday vacation arrangementThe official version2016The holiday arrangementThe May Day holiday spell false strategy(Figure)2016In the May Day holiday arrangement notice(Figure) 2016The May Day holiday for a few days2016The May Day holiday for a few days

Legal holidaysThe vacation timeDate of paid leave for workThe number of days offSpell false travel guides
2016In New Year's day holiday arrangement schedule1Month1Day(Frida)-1Month3The day is(Sunda)And in the country this weekend3DaysNew Year's day off false strategy
2016The Spring Festival holiday arrangement schedule2Month7Day(Chinese New Year's Ev Sunda)-2Month13Day(Saturda)2Month6Day(Saturda)、2Month14Day(Sunda)Go to work7DaysThe Spring Festival off false strategy
4Month2Day-4Month4DayAnd in the country this weekend 3DaysTomb-sweeping day off false strategy
4Month30Day-5Month2Day5Month2Day(Monda)Not busy3Days2016May 1 spell false strategy
2016Year of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangement schedule6Month9Day(Thursda)-6Month11Day(Saturda)6Month12Day(Sunda)Go to work3DaysThe Dragon Boat Festival false strategy
2016The Mid-Autumn festival holiday arrangement schedule(Figure)9Month15Day(Thursda)-9Month17Day(Saturda)9Month18Day(Sunda)Go to work3DaysThe Mid-Autumn festival off false strategy
2016In 11 National Day holiday arrangement(Figure)10Month1Day(Saturda)-10Month7Day(Frida)10Month8Day、10Month9Day to work。7DaysThe National Day spell false strategy
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