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The bubble Foam Mix Coagulation The soil With the common concrete have what differentiation?
Foam concrete
Hardness and weight:
Foam concrete because foam formation,Inside there are many holes in it,Weight is only foam concrete30%,Convenient transportation、Handling

Sound insulation:
Foam concrete due to its own internal hole shape,Will be sent to you by voice spread layers of rebound,Only when sound entirely by the outside world50%,Greatly reduce the noise pollution in half

Coefficient of thermal conductivity:
Foam concrete can low thermal conductivity0.055The left and right sides。

Shock resistance coefficient:
Foam concrete momentum by its own internal porosity greatly reduced

Ordinary concrete
  • Hardness and weight:
    Ordinary concrete is solid,Hardness is quite good,Of course proportion is high

  • Sound insulation:
    Ordinary concrete wall can reduce outside noise12%~15%

  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity:
    Ordinary concrete as solid heat conduction coefficient is very large

  • Shock resistance coefficient:
    Ordinary concrete momentum is very high

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The national hotline:
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Engineering cases
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    Heat preservation:For thermal conductivity0080-0.135W/(m?k),Thermal resistance is about ordinary concrete20-30Times。

    Light weight:For dry bulk density200-700kg/m3,Is equivalent to ordinary cement concrete1/5~1/10The left and right sides,Can reduce the building load as a whole。

    Integrity:On-site pouring construction,Is closely combined with the principal part of the project,Don't need to leave every seam and vent pipe。

    Low vibration:Foam concrete porous make it with low elastic modulus,Allowing it to impact load has good absorption and dispersion effect。

    Sound insulation sex:Foam concrete contains a large number of independent bubbles,And evenly distributed,For the sound-absorbing ability0.09-0.19%,Is common concrete5Times,Have effective sound insulation function。

    Pressure resistance:The compressive strength is0.6-5.5Mpa。

    Water resistance:Cast-in-place foam concrete water imbibition is smaller,Relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity,Make its have certain waterproof performance

    Durability:The same as the principal part of the project life。

    The construction is simple:Just use cement foaming machine can realize automatic operation,It can realize the vertical height100M transmitted over a long distance,Work for80—200m3/Working days。

    Production processability:Foamed concrete can not only production into all kinds of products in the factory,And still can field construction,Cast-in-situ directly into roofing、The ground and wall,And can be saw、Plane、Nail、Drilling and other processing。

    Environmental protection:Foam concrete required for raw materials for cement and foaming agent,Foaming agent to neutral,Does not contain benzene、Formaldehyde and other harmful substances,To avoid the environmental pollution and fire hazard。

    Economy:Comprehensive cost is low。

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    Changsha foam concrete|Hunan foamed concrete|Bubble mixed soil engineering|Bubbles of lightweight concrete|Lightweight bubble soil|Cast-in-place foam concrete construction|Hunan Yu construction engineering co., LTD

    Hunan Yu construction engineering co., LTD

    Hunan Yu jie construction engineering co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Promotion and the integration of new energy-saving building materials manufacturers。Company since its inception has been to follow the market decided to future,Quality decided to survival,Decided to brand image,Idea decided to development,Talents decide the rise and fall,The management idea,In building first-class engineering,Number of civilization integrity,A permanent brand。Business enterprise aim,The survival of a large number of imported advanced equipment and scientific management idea,Provide safe and more environmental protection products to market。To provide users with quality services,Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit。 Foamed concrete materials and its products is a set of lightweight, high strength、Heat preservation and heat insulation、Sound insulation、Water seepage control、Low damping、Security of energy conservation and environmental protection for such as fire prevention materials。Widely used in roof slope、The ground thermal insulation、Sound insulation floor、Non load-bearing walls、The subgrade、Bridges、The basement、The foundation pit、Pipeline filling, etc;The environmental protection、Low cost、Technology is stable、The construction is convenient、The advantages of shortening the time limit for a project,Received the ministry of science and technology development promotion center、China building construction standards committee......

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