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23Years specializing in the production of transformer,Ten company (hereafter called sacsc) transformer matching suppliers,Annual output1790Photovoltaic (pv) double split transformer。Through the national high and low voltage electrical appliances quality supervision department detection。
Transformer box by shot peening technology,Residues and pollution caused by traditional pickling phosphating solution,Is not easy to scratch,Beautiful degree is high。
Easy to drag down the matching process,Flexible and convenient。Without welding,Seam is small。Beautiful,Efficient,Easy to form a complete set。
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Zhejiang Jiang Shanyuan light electric co., LTD. Is a production of special dry type transformer Double split transformer Aluminum alloy shell Box type transformer Power transformer Control transformer Photovoltaic transformer Special dry type transformer Amorphous alloy of dry type transformer co., LTD;

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